5 de outubro de 2008


A banda mitica Varukers passou na ultima Sexta-Feira pelo Bar Porto-Rio onde partilhou o palco com as bandas Portuguesas,Crise Total,Motornoise e Dokuga.O Skunk nao ficou indiferente e aqui ficam alguns albuns desta banda fulcral do cenário Punk/Hc Anarquista dos anos 8O em Inglaterra.
01. Protest And Survive
02. Nowhere To Go
03. No Masters No Slaves
04. Don't Conform
05. Android
06. March Of The SAS
07. Nodda (Contraceptive Machine)
08. Government's To Blame
09. Tell Us What We All Wanna Hear
10. Don't Wanna Be A Victim
11. What The Hell Do You Know
12. School's Out (Maybe)

The Varukers-Still bollox but still here (re-release of old tracks) CD We Bite Records (1995)

1. Led To The Slaughter
2. Die For You Goverment
3. Don't Conform
4. Dont Wanna Be a Victim
5. Bomb Blast
6. No Hope Of The Future
7. Protest & Survive
8. March Of The S.A.S.
9. Stop The Killing
10.No Masters No Slaves
11. Unite We Stand
12. Massacred Millions
13. Soldier Boys
14. Seek Shelter in Hell
15. Enter a New Phase


The Varukers-Murder(1998)LP, CD Asylum Records

03-Endless Destruction Line
06-Eradicate the Problem
07-Fuck You Up
09-What Are You Gonna Do
10-Target of Shame
11-Invest in Your People
12-Who the Fuck
13-Tighten Their Grip
14-Emotional Blackmail
15-Nightmare Vision

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