1 de setembro de 2008

Bob Marley and the Wailers

Este album contem varios temas raros gravado na Studio 1 da banda The Wailers na sua fase "early" Ska.
"rare ska sides from studio one" (1999)
1. Destiny
2. Wages of Love
3. Do You Feel the Same Way Too
4. Your Love
5. Don't Ever Leave Me (Take 1)
6. Don't Ever Leave Me (Take 2)
7. I Need You So
8. Rock Sweet Rock
9. Another Dance
10. I Stand Predominant
11. Where is My Mother (acoustic version)
12. Where is My Mother (band version)
13. Dance With Me
14. What's New Pussycat
15. Treat Me Good
16. Jerking Time (a/k/a Jerk in Town)
17. Do It Right

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